Square Dances


African American quadrille (1914)

Square Dance, Quitman (?), Virginia (1925)

Silent movie footage showing a square dance for eight couples, fiddling, and step dancing. The dance figures include: Ladies Back-to-Back and the Southern (hand-turning) Do-si-do.

Mickey Mouse - The Barn Dance (1929)

Mickey Mouse - The Shindig (1930)

Eleanor Roosevelt square dancing at Arthurdale, WV (1940)

To Hear Your Banjo Play (1947)
Margot Mayo’s American Square Dance Group performs a southern Appalachian big set at 4:50, with Pete Seeger on banjo and Stu Jamieson calling.

Square dancing cigarettes in Lucky Strike commercial (1948)

Square Dance Tonight (1949)
Square dance film featuring Elisha Keeler of South Salem, NY (Square Dance History Project)

Square dance scene from Bugs Bunny's Hillbilly Hare (1950)

“Grey Eagle Square Dance with the New Lost City Ramblers”
Modern western square dance (Square Dance History Project)

Berea College Country Dancers performing "Set Running" as described by Cecil Sharp (1974)

Modern Western Square Dance – The Traveling Hoedowners (Paul Place, caller), Orlando, FL (2007)

Not Your Grandparents Square Dance (2009)
Old-time music and square dancing in Portland, Oregon

Southern Square Dance, Pulaski, TN (2014)
Gerald Young, caller

Step Dancing (buckdancing, flatfooting, and clogging)

Silent film made in “the Southern Mountains” sometime between 1919 and 1931 showing folk dance leader Elizabeth Burchenal with two dancers: a flatfoot dancer and an Irish(?) step dancer
(Square Dance History Project)

Flatfoot dancing by D. Ray White (Boone Co. WV 1987)
(from: Mike Seeger's film Talking Feet)

Stanley Hicks of Watauga County, NC performing animal dances (1987)
(from: Mike Seeger's film Talking Feet)

Thomas Maupin of Murfreesboro TN buckdancing at the Mt. Airy (NC) Fiddlers Convention (2007). Music: Ron Cole & Jim Burns (fiddles), Andy Edmonstone (bass), Phil Jamison (banjo), Rebecca Keeter & Nancy Mamlin (guitars)

Team Clogging and Smooth Dance

Traditional Freestyle Clogging
North Carolina Cloggers, Hendersonville, NC (1950s)

James Kesterson and the Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers at Newport Folk Festival (1964) Music: Mike and Pete Seeger with Clayton McMitchen

The Green Grass Cloggers performing with the Highwoods Stringband in Louisville, KY in 1978.

Green Grass Clogger Documentary
Greenville, NC (1978)
(Charles Kesler and David Balch)

Traditional freestyle clogging
Southern Mountain Cloggers of Haywood County, North Carolina (1983)

Smooth Dancing
Pisgah View Ranch Dancers, Western North Carolina (1988)

Modern Precision Clogging
Bailey Mountain Cloggers, Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC (1997)

Contemporary clogging by the Rhythm N Motion Clogging Team, Galax, VA Fiddlers Convention (2010)

Contemporary Clogging Competition - "Kentucky Running Set"
American Racket Cloggers, Florida (2010)

Contemporary competition clogging
Southern Belles of Snellville, GA (2008)

"Appalachian" Clog Dancing in the British Isles
Crooked Moon Appalachian Clog Dancers, England (2011)

The Cakewalk

The Cake Walk (1903)

The Grand March

The Grand March at a wedding in Liberia (2008)

The Grand March as part of high school graduation exercises at Boothbay, Maine (2013)